UF Medicine presents at the IME Conference 2023

Emailed Skills-Based Tips as Faculty Development Programs – Can You Get Tippy?

Workshop Description:

Academic institutions are challenged to provide faculty development sessions that meet accreditation requirements and attract faculty. This session will allow participants to utilize spaced-education framework and cognitive theory of multimedia learning solutions to create an email-based faculty development program offered as skill-tips for faculty to practice with trainees. Participants will leave the session with knowledge, skills, and tools to develop similar programs at their institutions.


Barriers to faculty participation in faculty development sessions are well cited and include lack of time to attend, inconvenience of “going to a training,” and often underestimating the value of training. Technology can assist in providing innovative faculty development programs, particularly when developed within a theoretical framework and created with instructional design techniques in mind. Participants will learn how to utilize spaced-education as a theoretical framework to create a faculty development program delivered via email that is skills-based and offered as tips for faculty to practice with trainees. Workshop facilitators will provide specific examples of programs implemented to then have participants practice turning material into skills-based tips. From there, participants will then design the tips utilizing Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning solutions, which focuses learners (faculty) on key content. Facilitators of this workshop have created three tip-based faculty development programs covering evaluation and feedback, teaching under time constraints, and promoting resilience where faculty have rated the programs with high satisfaction, a gain in perceived knowledge and skills and 100% reporting wanting additional email-based faculty development programs.

Outcome Objectives:

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe how a spaced-education framework can be utilized in faculty development
  2. Apply Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning solutions in curricular design
  3. Recognize essential components to a faculty development program that features skill-based tip statements that can be delivered via email

Intended Participants:

  • Medical Educators


  • A mix of short didactics and facilitated active learning breakout sessions

Activity Timeline:

  • Introductions and group ice breaker brainstorming challenges to faculty development
  • Mini-Didactic 1: Spaced-Education and Constructing a Tips-Oriented Program, Examples from the
  • Facilitated Breakout Session 1: Tip Statement Development
  • Mini-Didactic 2: Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning Solutions
  • Facilitated Breakout Session 2: Design a Tip!
  • Group Share with lessons learned
  • Wrap-up and final questions

Take-Home Tools:

CTML Solutions Chart, Tips-sheet for design, Resource List, and Lessons Learned

Kalynych C, Sottile E, Fallucco E, Zenni E. Emailed skills-based tips as faculty development programs- can you get tippy? Workshop WS09. Innovations in Medical Education Conference: Transforming health Professions Education Through Innovation. Held virtually February 16-17, 2023