A course is a live CME activity where the learner participates in person. A course is planned as an individual event.

Examples: annual meeting, live conference, workshop, dinner lecture, lunch and learn, seminar

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The required forms and documentation will differ depending on whether or not you will be charging a registration fee, receiving grants, or receiving exhibit fees.

Required Documentation

Documentation to be submitted to the CME Office after it has been approved for credit:

checkmark Submit prior to start of activity blue checkmark Submit after activity concludes

Will you be charging a registration fee OR receiving grants OR receiving exhibit fees? 

YES, I will be charging a registration fee OR receiving grants OR receiving exhibit fees.

NO, I will NOT be charging a registration fee OR receiving grants OR receiving exhibit fees.

Budget (email Rasa for template) checkmark
Joint Providership Agreement (if applicable) checkmark checkmark
Final agenda checkmark checkmark
Final marketing piece (brochure, postcard, email, flyer etc.) checkmark checkmark
Disclosure Form for Speaker(s) checkmark checkmark
Speaker Letters checkmark checkmark
Proof of Disclosure Announcement checkmark checkmark
The evaluation form that you will be using checkmark checkmark
Letters of agreement for all grantors (if applicable) checkmark
Proof of Commercial Support acknowledgement (exhibitors and/or grantors as applicable) checkmark
Attendance/Sign In Sheet blue checkmark blue checkmark
Final Budget (email Rasa with questions) blue checkmark

Helpful Forms & Information: