Enduring Material

An enduring material is a printed, recorded, or computer-presented CME activity that may be used over time at various locations and which, in itself, constitutes a planned activity.

Examples: printed monograph

The required forms and documentation will differ depending on whether or not you will be receiving an educational grant to support this activity (e.g. from an ineligible company).

Required Documentation

The following documentation must be submitted to the CME Office prior to the activity, after it has been approved for credit:

Will you be receiving a grant?

YES, I will be receiving a grant.

NO, I will NOT be receiving a grant.

Budget (email Rasa for template) checkmark
Joint Providership Agreement (if applicable) checkmark checkmark
Final Marketing checkmark checkmark
Disclosure Form for Speaker(s) checkmark checkmark
Letters of Agreement for all grantors (if applicable) checkmark checkmark
The evaluation form that you will be using checkmark checkmark


The following items must be on the printed CME activity:

Will you be receiving a grant?

YES, I will be receiving a grant.

NO, I will NOT be receiving a grant.

Disclosure Statement/Announcement checkmark checkmark
AccreditationStatement checkmark checkmark
Credit Statement checkmark checkmark
Learning Objectives checkmark checkmark
Method of Physician Participation checkmark checkmark
Minimum performance level necessary in order to successfully complete the activity for credit checkmark checkmark
Target Audience checkmark checkmark
Faculty and their credentials checkmark checkmark
Date of release and termination date checkmark checkmark
At least 1 appropriate bibliographic source to allow for further study checkmark checkmark
Commercial Support acknowledgement (if applicable) checkmark

Documentation that needs to be submitted to the CME office after the activity launches:

If the CME office is hosting the post-test and evaluation:

  • You are done! The CME office will keep track of all post-test scores and evaluations. This is the best option!

If the post-test and evaluation are hosted elsewhere (e.g. on your department website):

  • Monthly completer reports (report of all learners who have completed the CME activity, including first name, last name, medical license number, email address for each learner)
  • Yearly evaluation summary (Evaluation Summary – use this form to summarize the completed evaluations received from attendees)

Helpful Forms & Information: