The following set of educational modules are part of a heart failure education and quality improvement project developed by UF Health, focused on improving heart failure across a continuum and were developed by a multidisciplinary team that included our heart failure physicians.

The goal of these educational modules is to address the clinical care of heart failure and challenging points most commonly identified when non-heart failure physicians take care of patients with heart failure.

There are a total of five modules that cover the following: an overview of heart failure, medical dosing recommendations, volume control, atrial fibrillation and heart rate control, and how to ensure a successful discharge and tips for reducing heart failure readmission rates.


Module 1: Heart Failure Overview


Module 2: Medication Dosing- Recommendations for Treating to Target Medication Goals when Possible


Module 3: Volume Control


Module 4: AF and Heart Rate Control


Module 5: Ensuring a Successful Discharge and Tips for Reducing Heart Failure Readmission Rates