Department of Psychiatry Online Grand Rounds

**If you already received CME Credit for attending these live lectures, you cannot receive additional credit for viewing the online version as well.


Prescription Drug Abuse and Adolescence


Implications of the Affordable Care Act for Behavioral Services

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Neuromodulation in Psychiatry, a Rapidly Changing Field

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The Future of Psychiatry


Gribbons Memorial Lecture

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National Quality Measures for Child Mental Health Advances and Next Steps

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The Increasing Impact of Neuroscientific Advances on the Care of Psychiatrically Ill Patients


ECT and TMS: The Current State

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Psychiatry Grand Rounds: How and Why to Develop a Model Curriculum

Psychiatry GR Hobbs


Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Severe Mood and Behavioral Disturbance in Autism: Insisting on Sameness in a World that Changes


Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Rewiring Faculty Circuits: The Role of Brain Stimulation

Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Medical Marijuana

Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Neuropsychiatric Syndromes in People Living with HIV

Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Preventing Death by Suicide in Americans

Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Research Domain Criteria – Toward Future Diagnosis and Treatment for Mental Disorders

Psychiatry Grand Rounds: The Sex Talk

Buprenorphine – A History and Uses


Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Burning Bright Not Out – Preventing Physician Burnout and Suicide


Impact of depression on cognitive and functional outcomes. Clarifying the role of structural brain abnormalities


Psychiatry Grand Rounds: The History of ECT


Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Engaging the Mortality Gap


Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Psychiatry and Privacy – Federal and State Confidentiality Laws


What to Pay Attention to in QB Testing


Recovering Medical Ethics


Treating the High Risk College Student