ADA Policy

Services for Persons with Disabilities: For individuals with disabilities, requiring special accommodations, please contact the UF Continuing Medical Education Office within a minimum of 10 working days of the program so that proper considerations may be given to the request.We can be reached by phone at 352-733-0064, by fax at 352-733-0007, or by calling 1-800-955-8771 (TDD). The TDD number can only be accessed from within the United States.

Acceptable Use Policy – University IT Resources

University Information Technology (IT) resources are to be used for activities related to UF’s mission of research, teaching, clinical, and service/extension activities. Some examples of IT resources include the computers, software, systems, networks, and electronic devices bought, developed and/or maintained in support of the university’s mission. This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applies to all users of university IT resources- whether or not the users are affiliated with the university-and whether users access resources on campus or from a remote location.

CME Policy on Food Expenditures During Conferences

All CME conference funds are processed through fund 143. The 143 fund has the ability to pay for food because it collects participant fees. Therefore, the purchase of food with conference funds is for the benefit of the participants. Please see below for guidance on acceptable food purchases.

Allowable expenses:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breaks (i.e. coffee, snacks, etc.) during official conference times.
  • A reception that all participants are invited to and is held during official conference times.
  • Planning meeting for conference staff/speakers:
    • Must be held before the conference starts.
    • Only one planning meeting per conference.
    • May only include staff and speakers (i.e. no spouses or children).
    • Should be reasonable in cost and only if the budget allows (check with CME office to make sure funds are available).
    • Participant list is required for payment.

Any other food expenditures not specified above must be approved by the CME office prior to the conference. Please email cme-mail@ufl.edu with questions.

If you wish to use non-CME funds to purchase food (e.g. departmental funds, personal funds, etc.) the rules above may not apply. Please follow all applicable UF guidelines.