Hosting Virtual Events

In light of the current constraints put upon medical professionals by COVID-19, we understand that some groups may elect to host their events virtually for the foreseeable future. UF Continuing Medical Education is here to provide you with information, guidance, and additional services upon request to make your virtual event successful.

What kind of virtual events are there?

Internet Live Course

Internet Live Courses are virtual events (i.e. Zoom Conferences) that take place on a scheduled day and time, include a live presentation from a speaker, and live Q&A from participants.

Internet Enduring Material

Internet Enduring Material are courses offered for an extended period of time for participants to complete at their own pace, lectures are pre-recorded, and can have various tracks and modules.

I was planning on having a live event – how do I successfully convert it to a virtual event?

First, you’ll want to decide if you want to have an Internet Live Course or Internet Enduring Material. Some things to consider:

What is the availability of your speakers?

Internet Live Course: Speakers will need to be available to video conference in at the time and date of your live course.

Internet Enduring Material: Speakers can record their lectures on their own time and send to you to compile in your online enduring material. 

What kind of time are you able to commit to your course?

Internet Live Course: Internet Live Courses require the same kind of preparation as a live course, and result in one or multiple days of live lectures.

Internet Enduring Material: Internet Enduring Material is more time intensive, but it can be offered for an extended period of time to attendees. Post-tests must be created for each lecture to measure participants level of engagement for CME credit.

What kind of interaction do you want with your attendees?

Internet Live Course: Internet Live Courses allow attendees to chat using video conferencing or chat software, and allows for Q&A similar to a live event.

Internet Enduring Material: Attendees can still submit questions to the lecturer, but they will come in as attendees take the online course. There is limited interaction between attendees.

How much content do you want to cover?

Internet Live Course: Internet Live Courses are best when limited to a couple hours. If you have a lot of content, you may want to consider splitting it into a multi-day event with an hour or two of content each day.

Internet Enduring Material: If your course is attempting to cover a large amount of content, Internet Enduring Material may be your best option. Multiple modules can be created and can be completed by the participants on their own schedule. 

Where do I start with a Virtual CME Event?

The first step is to fill out our CME Application. Upon approval, your CME Office Contact will reach out to you with more information regarding the following next steps. 

For Internet Live Courses: Required Documentation will need to be submitted before and after the course.

For Internet Enduring Material: You will be asked to provide Required Documentation, course information, and course content to your CME Office Contact to be uploaded into our Canvas Internet Enduring Material Template.

Planning Services are available upon request for Internet Live Course and Internet Enduring Material planning assistance, and for activities that have customization requests. (Fees may apply depending on the complexity and level of customization requested).

Helpful Planning Resources & Information: